Pet care services

Make sure your pet stays healthy

Bring your dog or cat in for all scheduled vaccinations when it is convenient for you. We can even pickup and deliver your pet when having spay and neuter surgeries.

Dog and cat boarding

Protect your pet with vaccinations

Annual vaccinations are an absolute necessity for dogs and cats. Vaccinations help prevent your pet from getting illnesses that can be very dangerous. When your pet is due for vaccinations, come to us for low prices and fast service.

If you’re coming in to have your pet groomed, you can also schedule vaccinations at the same time for your convenience. If you’re leaving on a trip and don’t have time to get the required vaccinations prior to boarding, let our experienced vet Dr. Dill perform them for you.

Protect yourself from dog and cat scratches without declawing

If you have trouble with scratching on furniture, floors, or even people, and you are looking for an alternative to declawing, consider having Soft Paws applied to your pet.

Soft Paws are acrylic nail caps that are safe and painless. You can bring your pet in for a quick and easy application. Soft Paws last around 6 to 8 weeks before reapplication is needed, and it is a great and painless alternative to declawing.

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